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Average Temps   Rainfall        
Month High Low Precip Month High Low Precip
Jan 66 46 1.6 July 93 75 1.9
Feb 69 49 1.9 Aug 93 75 3.2
March 75 56 1.2 Sept 90 72 5.4
April 81 63 2.0 Oct 84 64 3.4
May 86 70 3.2 Nov 75 55 1.6
June 91 74 3.2 Dec 69 49 1.7


Like Frost, you can make a statement to family, friends or anybody else that you are from here every time you send an email when your email address is: your.name@padre-island.us or your.initials@padre-island.us or your.choice@padre-island.us

Any Island business can have their own sub-domain of the format: your-island-business.padre-island.us or islandbusiness.padre-island.us And each of your employees can have an email of the format:

Sales@your-island-business.padre-island.us or your.name@your-island-business.padre-island.us

Want a place to share videos or photographs with family or friends. Create your own internet family meeting place: island-family-website.padre-island.us or ourfamilypictures.padre-island.us

None of the links above are live, but they easily can be.

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Would you pay ten bucks a year for your own private email address? email.address@padre-island.us

Would you pay fifty bucks a year for a family-subdomain.padre-island.us where you can post videos, pictures, genealogy facts or whatever? Each family subdomain includes unlimited family email addresses at the same sub-domain.

If you own an island business, would you pay $250 annually for unlimited webspace with the format:

island-business.padre-island.us or islandbusiness.padre-islan.us with unlimited email addresses of the same format?

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